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Gain a Competitive Edge with A/E/C Case Studies

Client-focused case studies can help Architecture/Engineering/Construction firms stand out. Most firms don’t focus on telling success stories from a client’s perspective. Companies typically offer a technical summary of projects and may include a testimonial. They don’t ask the happy client to explain how the successful completion of a project benefited their company and its users.

With the growing popularity of generative AI, human-centric content, including client-focused case studies, will help firms connect with stakeholders because they are authentic and engaging.

Through these case studies, a satisfied client explains how an A/E/C firm helped them solve a challenging situation. The narrative focuses on the client, but shares information about a firm’s expertise.

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Since 2020, I’ve suggested that 1 Case Study = 3 Wins because the sponsoring firm, happy client, and prospects all benefit.

Firms can create case studies featuring strategic projects that help promote their goals. The happy client receives free publicity and shows they know how to solve problems.

Prospects also can learn what working with an A/E/C company would be like. They may face the same kinds of challenges that were solved through the completion of the successful project.

Certified Case Study Specialist

I’m a certified case study specialist through American Writers & Artists Institute. After earning my certification, I researched A/E/C websites looking for client-focused case studies. I couldn’t find any. That’s when I decided it would be my mission to promote their use in the industry.

In 2022, I launched A/E/C Connect, a LinkedIn newsletter focusing on case studies and storytelling.

Critical Elements of a Case Study

Case studies typically are two to three pages long. They focus on a happy client’s challenges, a firm’s solution, and qualitative and quantitative results. But they go even deeper to describe the working relationship between the happy client and the A/E/C firm.

In the narrative, readers will learn how the company had to address unexpected problems that came up during the project or note how a professional shared valuable insights to help them with their job. Like any good story, the case study should include some drama to create interest.

Metrics, sidebars, photos and call-out quotes can all add interest to the document. At the end of the narrative, the firm can provide a Call to Action for others who may wish to use their services. But otherwise, the case study focuses on the happy client.

Technical expertise is essential to any project. But a human connection is also needed if firms want to deepen their relationships with existing clients and prospects.

Need Help With Your Case Study?

I can help your firm create a client-focused case study. As part of the process, I would talk with your company about a designated project to learn your strategic goals. Then, once you get permission from a happy client, I prepare interview questions. Your firm would approve the questions, then I would send them to the happy client before the interview.

After I write a draft, I’ll show it to your firm first and then get approval from your client. I recommend designing the case study so the document is more attractive when it’s distributed.

After completing the case study, dissect the document so your firm can use all the elements. For example, quotes can become testimonials on your website and in proposals. Key metrics and photos can also be saved for proposals and client presentations.

My fee is typically $1500 for creating a client-focused case study.

I can also provide coaching if your firm wishes to prepare it.

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