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I help Architecture/Engineering/ Construction industries create powerful marketing messages that increase their visibility.

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I help Architecture/Engineering/ Construction industries create powerful marketing messages that increase their visibility

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Increase your
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I help Architecture/Engineering/ Construction industries create powerful marketing messages that increase their visibility

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Architecture/Engineering/Construction Copywriter

How Can I Help You?

Marketing professionals at Architecture/Engineering/Construction firms face complex challenges.

You need an experienced copywriter who understands the industry and knows how to communicate with its busy professionals. I can help you create diverse content to enhance your firm’s brand and promote your services.  

I’m ready to hit the ground running as your enthusiastic freelance partner.

I can work alone or coordinate with your internal marketing department to create a steady stream of insightful content. It will emphasize your value for your clients and their communities. I will adapt my writing to match your style and audience.

My services include:

  • Writing blog posts and bylined articles to demonstrate your thought leadership
  • Crafting website copy designed to answer your readers’ questions and highlight your expertise
  • Creating case studies that show how you solved your clients’ challenges
  • Developing newsletters that engage your key audiences, including clients and prospects
  • Writing press releases announcing project wins, announcements and company news
  • Planning, researching and writing white papers that inform and educate readers
  • Professional nature photography to enhance your website and collateral


Don’t see your project type listed here? Contact me so that we can discuss it. I’ll let you know right away if I’m a good fit for the project.

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As an A/E/C copywriter, I can help you reduce your marketing to-do list, while building your brand.

Check out my services pages for additional information about me and the types of work I do. 

Get Your Case Study Win Guide!

If you’re responsible for marketing for an A/E/C firm, you know that it’s tough to find the time to create strategic content that speaks to your stakeholders. You must oversee proposal creation, client interviews, conferences, corporate communications and so much more.

I get it. I spent more than 20 years in the industry and as a freelance writer with an A/E/C focus. Unlike most business writers, I understand the complexities of the industry and your diverse audiences. You want to create content that builds your credibility with your existing clients, prospects, partners and recruits.

With my experience in corporate communications, public relations and marketing, I can create the engaging content you need. Because I appreciate technical professionals in the industry, they enjoy talking with me. I value their time and efficiently obtain their insights so they can get back to their billable projects.

Is your firm top-of-mind when prospects start thinking about their next project? There’s an effective way to increase your visibility. Repurpose information you already have into blog posts, signature projects on your website and thought leadership articles.

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Improve your search engine rankings by increasing the amount of fresh and quality content on your website. Need some assistance with online or traditional content creation? We’re here to help share your intriguing stories about successful projects that improve the quality of life for client communities.


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List of featured articles, blogs and projects contributed by leslie

I've written about countless Architecture/Engineering/Construction projects and know how to uncover their true client benefits. My portfolio includes blog posts, web content, magazine articles, newsletters and press releases. I've also edited and promoted a World War II memoir.

Below are just a few examples to show you what I can do. I'm a diverse writer, so please let me know if you don't see what you're seeking. I'll let you know right away if I'm the right person for the job or if you need to look elsewhere.

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“It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with Leslie Blaize on case studies and a blog post on detention-grade security system design for Mead & Hunt’s website. She’s enthusiastic about my projects and the goals of security system upgrade and replacement projects which benefit the inmates, public, and staff at detention facilities. I enjoy talking with her and explaining a project’s key elements. She then creates accurate and engaging narratives that explain how these security design projects are increasing efficiency and safety for users.” 

Jeff Pronschinske, Security Market Leader, Mead & Hunt

“I worked with Leslie on a variety of projects at MSA Professional Services. We collaborated on the development of successful abstract proposals for key industry conferences, industry award submittals and public relations announcing the formation of Aerial Solutions, a new service line for the firm. With her help, we’ve published articles in the “Cityscape” magazine for the Iowa League of Cities. I appreciate her enthusiasm for the subject matter, whether it’s urban planning or Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), typically known as drones. She was passionate about telling MSA’s story of how our teams work together to improve communities.”

Shawn O’Shea, , AICP, ASEL, sUAS

“I’d highly recommend Leslie Blaize for copywriting. She’s worked closely with me to produce writing on behalf of my company. Leslie is always enthusiastic about the assignments, hits deadlines, and delivers creative copy. She also works well with editing and is responsive and punctual with any corrections. Plus she’s a fun person with a great sense of humor!”



Greg Mischio, Winbound, Owner and Strategic Director

“The schools that we partner with really enjoy Leslie’s work as an instructor.  She is punctual and responsible and has a wonderful approach to working with kids.  Leslie is terrific at finding the proper level of challenge for her students- it is so important that, in a drama class, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones but not pushed to the point of frustration.  Leslie knows how to meet all students where they are at, and help them advance to the next level, using creativity, sensitivity and her natural leadership skills.”

Sheri Warren, Curriculum Manager, Chess Scholars/Afterschool Enrichment Solutions

“At Safe-T-Cover, we provide comprehensive education for our viewers through our frequent blog posts. We’ve been pleased with Leslie Blaize’s writing about technical issues related to our industry, such as future trends for backflow preventers and changing regulations. She writes in-depth blog posts that provide engaging content for our stakeholders. We manufacture industrial enclosures and backflow covers. Leslie is enthusiastic and easy to work with. She connects well with our experts.”


Craig Carmon, PE, Safe-T-Cover President

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Leslie on the creation of my mother’s memoir, “Otti Remembers: German WWII Teen Immigrates to America.” Leslie edited the narrative while keeping true to my mother’s voice. She brought Otti’s story to life with her selection of photos and creation of headlines and call-outs to emphasize key elements of the story. The project started out as a family memoir, but along the way, we realized that the book contains some historically significant details that will be of interest to World War II history buffs and scholars. Leslie organized our rough manuscript into a readable and engaging format. I appreciate Leslie’s enthusiasm and dedication to telling our family’s story.”

Denise Marie Ney, Memoir Author

About Leslie

Leslie Blaize
Leslie BlaizeCPSM
I’m a Certified Professional Services Marketer who knows how to tell stories that engage existing and prospective clients and stakeholders. I enjoy sharing success stories from Architecture/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) firms that demonstrate how their efforts protect citizens and improve lives. As an A/E/C copywriter, I can help you reduce your marketing to-do list, while building your brand. Check out my services pages for additional information about me and the types of work I do.
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