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Leslie presenting in Madison WisconsinSince 2020, I’ve promoted the untapped potential of client-focused case studies within the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. And now, with the popularity of AI-created content, human stories stand out more than ever.

After I became a case study specialist, I discovered that most A/E/C firms don’t use client-focused case studies. That’s when I decided that my mission would be to promote this marketing tool. There are so many good stories to tell that go beyond the amazing technical solutions developed by professionals.

I created A/E/C Connect in 2022, a monthly LinkedIn newsletter focusing on case studies and storytelling. I’ve also appeared on podcasts and have spoken on the topic in person and online.

In addition, I’ve addressed the benefits and pitfalls of using AI for content creation. It can be both your friend and foe!

I’m available to speak in person or online about how to develop client-focused case studies for the A/E/C industry and the advantages and pitfalls of using AI when creating content.


For More Information

Contact me at blaizecommunications@gmail.com if you want to know more about the value of case studies and how to collaborate with AI as your writing assistant. I look forward to sharing my experiences and encouraging members of the A/E/C industry to create content that will amplify their brands.


Speaking Schedule 

Coming in 2024

March 21, 2024 – How to Use Case Studies to Demonstrate Your Firm’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Society for Marketing Professional Services Women + A/E/C Virtual Symposium

Celebrate Women’s History Month with us! We extend this invitation beyond marketers and business developers to architects, project managers, contractors, CEOs, human resource professionals, and everyone in the A/E/C industries. If you’re a woman or work with women, this initiative was designed for you.

Recent Appearances

Developing Great Case Studies & Using AI To Help

Developing Great Case Studies & Using AI To Help

Leslie Blaize talked with Frank Lippert and Deidre Booth, hosts of the Professional Services Marketing Show podcast. She explained the value of developing client-focused case studies for the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. Human-centric content is more...

How to Use Content to Stand Out in an AI World

How to Use Content to Stand Out in an AI World

Jan. 16, 2024, 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. MST: How to Use Content to Stand Out in an AI World Society for Marketing Professional Services Idaho, virtual program Authentic human storytelling has become even more critical as more content is AI-generated. AI can perform many tasks...

Leslie Blaize gave an energetic and informative speech regarding the pros and cons of content creation using AI. She combined her personal experience and advice from industry experts. She provided relevant information that addressed the concerns of using AI while generating plenty of open discussion with our Craft Marketing audience, made up of marketing directors, managers, owners, business developers and others.

Jessica Wagner

VP, Programming, AMA Madison

Previous Events

LinkedIn Lessons: Case Studies with Leslie Blaize

Jan. 22, 2021 In this video, Leslie Blaize talks with Faith Dey of Live Well Video about the value of case studies. Leslie reviews how 1 Case Study = 3 Wins. The winners are the organizations, happy clients and prospects. Case studies describe a project’s challenge,...

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