Leslie Blaize, a Certified Professional Services Marketer, will describe how to use client-focused case studies to highlight the human interest angle of A/E/C projects. Through the voice of happy clients, these success stories offer a valuable third-party perspective about how firms solved project challenges. That’s helpful information for prospects who need future services.

Blaize, a case study specialist, will explain how 1 Case Study = 3 Wins. In the presentation, she’ll also review a six-step process for developing a case study for an A/E/C firm. Initial steps begin with project selection and getting permission from the happy client. Other actions include writing the case study, getting approval, designing the document and promoting it.

She’ll reveal the three main elements of a case study: the happy client’s challenge, the A/E/C firm’s solution and quantitative and/or qualitative results.

In addition, she’ll explain how case study writers can use generative Artificial Intelligence to identify prospect challenges, create an outline, edit content and recommend headlines.

Attendees will receive a worksheet that reviews the six-step process, offers critical questions to ask happy clients, and ideas for promoting the case study.

This class is available for members of the AEC Marketing Pros community. For more information, go to: https://www.marketerstakeflight.com/shop/.

Leslie Blaize, an experienced Architecture/Engineering/Construction freelance writer and case study specialist, gave an insightful program on “How to Develop Client-Focused Case Studies… With a Little Help From AI.” Her Master Class will be included in our AEC Marketing Pros membership. She explained the value of making human connections with stakeholders, whether it’s a few sentences in a proposal or a two-page case study. Leslie is knowledgeable about our industry and is an enthusiastic speaker who believes case studies can help firms engage with their stakeholders.

Lindsay Diven

CPSM, Marketing Manager, Full Sail Partners

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