Is A.I. Your Friend or Foe for Your Writing Project?

American Marketing Association, Craft Marketing, Madison, Wisconsin

Leslie Blaize gave an in-person presentation on the use of AI for creating content. She talked about collaborating effectively with AI while being aware of its limitations. She gave tips on making the most of AI when creating content.

They included:

  • Use specific frameworks in prompts to get better-quality AI responses
  • Learn to collaborate with AI — but humans are still the boss
  • Help AI understand your writing style
  • Ask AI to share fears and concerns from the perspective of your prospect or shareholder
  • Experiment

See more at the AMA website.

Here’s a video link to Leslie Blaize’s talk:


“Leslie Blaize gave an energetic and informative speech regarding the pros and cons of content creation using AI. She combined her personal experience and advice from industry experts. She provided relevant information that addressed the concerns of using AI while generating plenty of open discussion with our Craft Marketing audience, made up of marketing directors, managers, owners, business developers and others.”

— Jessica Wagner, VP, Programming AMA Madison


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